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LINOO - inspired by nature.nature.

Linoo was born out of our love for textiles from natural fibers, especially from the linen cloth, which since ancient times are made right here, in Lithuania. Helped by the fact that we were able to use their experience gained in 20 years of business in the field of interior design and sewing industry.

We design products whose simple style is enriched by subtle textures, rich colors and refined details. The result is a sophisticated, relaxed and beautifully appointed home.

All our collection is made from 100% pure Lithuanian linen

Created and produced in Lithuania.

Home textile and linen clothes constitute a part of Lithuanian identity. The plant itself is symbolic and has a variety of meanings in the Lithuanian culture: it has always been considered as a sacred plant which can heal and protect. The Lithuanians still sing songs about the flax, the beauty of the blue eyes is compared to its blooming flowers, whereas children, sons and daughters are given its name. Many old Lithuanian multipart songs (SutartinÄ—s), recognized as the UNESCO cultural heritage, tell the story about the work that has to be done in order for the planted flax to turn into linen.

Fashion and our lifestyles change, but the relation with the linen remains the same, because we all have preserved the memories of the linen from our grandmother’s dowry chest, where she herself collected the linen after she had grown, harvested, trod and woven the flax.

Our collections were created out of love for our culture: customs, songs, weaving patterns, and to pay the respects to people who preserved the flax processing techniques and developed them in a way which allowed the linen cloth to be strong and soft as silk at the same time.

Experience the lively spirit of the linen linoo.